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Local, Experienced, and Trusted

Progro Agricluture provides ideas, advice, and services to increase a farmer's profitability while decreasing the environmental footprint.

From manufacturer rebate planning, crop, seed, and chemical planning, full service field scouting, SWAT MAP Variable rate technology, and yield analysis.

The focus of Progro is to make life easier for the farmer, while positively influencing profitability.

SWAT MAPS Variable Rate Seed and Fertilizer

The best in the industry

Through a partnership with Croptimistic Technology inc., Progro is proud to be able to offer the premier variable rate seed and fertilizer map in the industry.

SWAT MAPS- Soil, Water and Topography maps, are based off those exact 3 things and created from a patented layering process.

A field's soil potential is determined from physical attributes, water availability, and relative landscape position.

In combination those factors influence plant stand establishment, fertilizer utilization, and responsiveness.


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